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About us

VISAR BERISHA – Managing Director

VIOLA GAXHENJI – Project Manager

ARMAND HALILI – Field Manager

Index Kosova was founded in 2000, as the first privately owned independent public opinion, media and market research company in Kosova. Index Kosova is the first company to provide research services for local and international clients throughout Kosova. BBSS is the Bulgarian member of the Gallup International Association. BBSS has founded partner companies based in Romania (CSOP), Moldavia (CBS Axa), Serbia (TNS Medium Gallup), Macedonia (Brima), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mareco Index Bosnia), Albania (Be Research) and Kosovo (Index Kosova).

We are here to offer specific research services custom tailored based upon each client request, according to the needs and market positioning in Albania. By being proactive, creative and using the accumulated experience, we are here to enable our clients to understand their customers and the market, as well as to take decisions leading to their business success. We carry out research according to internationally recognized quality standards. We comply with ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Conduct, to other quality guidelines adopted by ESOMAR, and to the Quality Standard of the Gallup International Association. All interviewers are trained in-house according to ESOMAR standards. Quality control includes telephone and door-to-door back checking at least 15% of respondents by regional supervisors.